Duplin County


Duplin County is located in the Southeastern Coastal Plain of North Carolina and is the 9th largest county in the state with 819 square miles of prime agricultural land. Duplin is bounded by Wayne County to the north; Lenoir, Jones, and Onslow Counties to the east; Pender County to the south; and Sampson County to the west. Kenansville, the County Seat, is located in the center of the County. Duplin County is located approximately 80 miles from Raleigh, 55 miles from Wilmington, 65 miles from Fayetteville, and 55 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.


Duplin County has experienced a relatively stable population over the last 50 years. According to the 2000 census, the total population of Duplin County is 49,063. The county’s largest township, Island Creek, has a population of 8,542. The total number of housing units in Duplin County in 1990 was 14,925. The fastest growing municipality is Kenansville, with a 34.2% growth rate from 1990 until 2000.

Personal Income

The 2000 Duplin County median annual income for a family was $34,600. The North Carolina average median family income was $48,200. The per capita income for Duplin County as of 1998 was $20,574, which is 3.5% below the state average of $21,327.


Due to its proximity to the Atlanitc Ocean and its location in the coastal plain, Duplin County experiences relatively mild temperatures. The annual average temperature is approximately 63 degrees with a prevailing southwesterly breeze. Summers are long and commonly have short periods of very hot humid weather. Winters are generally short and mild with significant accumulations of ice and snow being unusual. The average annual rainfall is approximately 53 inches with most precipitation occurring during the summer months. The average frost free season is from mid April to mid November, slightly more than 200 days.


The North Carolina Department of Transportation has planned for significant improvements to Duplin County’s highway system over the next several years. Duplin County is served by approximately 30 miles of Interstate Highway. Major highways throughout Duplin County are Interstate 40, U.S. 117, N.C. 11, 24, 41, 50, 111, 241, 403, and 903. NC 24 and NC 11 are designated as “critical connectors” to eastern North Carolina. NC 24 has been widened to four lanes from Morehead City to I-40 near Warsaw. Construction was completed in 1998. The segment of NC 24 connecting I-40 to I-95 near Fayetteville is scheduled for construction beginning 2001. Widening this portion of NC 24 will give Duplin County rapid access to I-95, the Eastern United States major north/south route. NC 11 is scheduled to be widened to four lanes from Kinston to I-40 near Kenansville. Construction has already begun on the portion in Duplin County. Completion of this project will provide a four-lane route from Greenville and Kinstion to I-40 at Kenansville. Air Service in Duplin County is provided at the Duplin County Airport and at Henderson Field. The Duplin County Airport is located three miles north of Kenansville on Airport Road. It has a 6,002 foot asphalt lighted runway and is operated by Duplin Air (910) 296-2188.

For more information about Duplin County, visit duplincounty.org