Lenior County

The land area known today as Lenoir County was first part of Bath, then Craven County, then Johnston County, and then Dobbs County and finally in 1791 Lenoir County was chartered.

Lenoir County’s County Seat, Kinston, was established in 1762 as “Kingston” and today is among the oldest cities in the state of North Carolina.
The first court house in what is now Lenoir County was erected in 1779. It was a frame structure located at the corners of Queen and King Streets. This structure housed the courthouse, prison, and stocks. Tody’s courthouse is located at this same location.

Today Lenoir County is one of 100 counties in North Carolina. It consists of 746 square miles, and Kinston remains the county seat.

The ocean breezes causing seasonal changes to be less than those experienced in the western part of the state moderate the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Occasionally snow falls but seldom lasts more than a day or two. Temperatures average 44 to 48 degrees in the winter months and rise above 80 degrees in the summer.

Rainfall in Lenoir County averages around 48 to 52 inches per year providing sufficient water for corps grown in the area.

Lenoir County has an altitude of 25 to 125 feet above sea level. This gives the citizens of Lenoir County plenty of relatively flat land for walking and bike riding; yet enough hilly terrain to allow for challenging gulf courses, and beautiful landscapes.

Lenoir County currently has a population of around 60,000 people.

For more information about Lenior County, visit www.co.lenoir.nc.us